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Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Girl Without a Name

Why does it have to be so
It's just a head game and it snows
As I lay down on my pillow
And weep and you watch me in my sleep
Without enough for my keep
Whilst my best friend calls me cheap
And everyone lies and cheats
I've heard of that
Of people stealing a loaf of bread
And never coming back
I've seen you somewhere before
I've heard of a man who died
From aggravation of his life
I can hear them in my mind
And can't they be unkind
Why CAN"T you leave me alone
Everywhere I go you follow
Because you don't know
You just don't know what you're doing
You don't know where you're going
You don't know me
I could show you
But then you'd show me
So what am I supposed to do
Oh what have you done
So that I've come all undone
It'd be better to have a bong
And that you stole all my songs
And all my blood
For this man to have a dead fuck
Wouldn't it be half your luck
And doesn't life just suck
What with the Arian race
And the stress on my face
And even the theft of my lace
For goodness sake.

Saturday, April 26, 2014

My Star.

(Announcement) You know happiness is my star!
For so long I'd forgotten
So many things have gone wrong
So many people unforgiven

"Better to have loved and lost
Than  never loved at all"
Only got one thing to tell you
That I want more


Baby I want more
Wanna hit the dance floor
Want you in my heart and soul
Like I never have before

Are you walking out the back
Come on and get behind me Jack
All you want is to hop into the sack
Well it's giving me a panic attack!


Help  me chase the clouds away
Let us greet a brand new day
Get down upon my knees and pray
Do whatever that you say


So what'll it be Gus
You know I think
we'd better discuss -
Can you be the one whom I can trust?


So why don't you come back Stan
And I'll be doin' what I can
to make it better and better
Forever and ever.

Image courtesy of Niklaus Hunziker /

Thursday, April 17, 2014

Mouldy Bread

In the experiment from hell
To undo you
To bury your sex and poo poo you
to torment and dig your claws into

for nothing at all
you always want more
you walk through the door
you've kept me poor

God you've made my
heart so sore
I hate it I hate it
Here are some dogs on the lawn

And we mourn, ourselves
For all that we've lost
To your blood money
Trip us over on LSD

May as well dive in the sea
You look but you don't see
Oh Christ, just set me free
Give me some peace

Sunday, April 13, 2014

My Dear.

Tied to the tracks
Animated facts
Got a knot in my dacks

Maybe I can get
My Knight in shining armour
Maybe I can find my sense of humour

Some way of stopping
being such a loser
Here kiddo have a soother

It's looking as such you've put your foot in it
And feeling as though
I'e got a spook in here

We live in fear
Oh, oh, my dear
keep me near

Monday, April 1, 2013


Dark blue sky
if you could write private things
you could write
a love poem
about the moon and stars,
that shoot across the sky
fantastic comets
from heaven
in colours purple and gold
leaving behind them
A blazing trail
of fire
but it’s what’s left unsaid
in the dark quiet
in the park on a bench
bored maybe
thinking about
watching a movie or something
But sitting down at your desk
to write in your black book
things, things
even those you don’t want anyone to read
after all a diary
is sacred
Such as light.
perhaps the erotic scrawlings
of Celeste
are  best
left unspoken
at the bottom of some
dark chamber
then there’s the asylum
the head shrinks
stability and trust
never mind lust
and work is a must
you miss you fuss
you hiss you huss
you blush you shush
you walk don’t rush
Oh really I could go on
But I want it to be short
Few words to express
the simplicity
of fools.

Tuesday, February 19, 2013

The One You Love

Under the waterfall
I sit on a rock
Contemplating peace
You hear a liar bird
Crack in the bush

You see a kookaburra
he lets out a laugh
Why don't ye laugh a little
oh the joy to be outdoors
collecting pinecones and gumnuts

Taking plenty of snapshots
Eating Sardines and rice crackers
Listening to the silky silence
Swimming knee deep in love
Out here you know who it is

Is it Tristan or Brian
Or Katie who shows her panties
Or what father expects and mother holds dear
Hush take in the quiet serenity

Go off alone face yourself,
Take a moment to sun baske
Let nature soothe your soul
The one you've got to love right now
Is yourself.

Image courtesy of Michelle Meiklejohn at

Sunday, February 17, 2013



A point
the zone
Where I am feeling
right at home
in my body
rhythm and beats
where my mood
tastes like a peach
always learing
nearly dying
from this flying
dancing dancing and
with someone
that takes your fancy

photo courtesy of imagerymajestic

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Random Act of Kindness

Flowers Growing open
Rain, sunshine,
dirt, trees
Pluck a rose
thorn piercing finger

Mother Earth with land and seas
The little children say
ah uhuh, uhuh
yes I see, I think,
I know

Bad dreams
Someone chasing you
You're running, running
Not moving,
panting, sweating

Cake, coffee
Valentines day
Oh god not again
Softly, soflty
Cat is creeping

Falling from a leaf
A dewdrop
Inside it, the ocean
caught on lens
in the sunlight.

Photo courtesy of Victor Habbick,

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

The Guitar

The guitar
has been hanging
on the wall
too long,
a long time since I have played

I used to practise
But I have given it up
I used to know
Some ballads
I used to play some blues

You taught me
But now you're far away
You haven't been in a while
I wonder why
You don't come round to play

Once we were young
We wanted to be
rock stars
You and me in torn black jeans

Rock n roll
Was what we knew
And young
was how it felt
Young and hopeful.

Photo courtesy of nuttakit,



zoom in
fly here
be with me
alight upon my shoulder
kiss me
how have you been?

I've been well thank You
I've been to the beach and I've been to the zoo
I don't have a lover
and I don't know what to do
how about you
how have you been?

Oh you know
going out
being seen
It's awesome being famous
but it can get embarrassing

They post your love life
all over the web
what you had for breakfast
what you do in bed

Oh dear
that does sound a bit blush
I would like to know more
but I'm in a bit of a rush

Butterfly butterfly
How are you
Oh  me, the usual
if a bit blue

But I want to
throw that away
For my sweetpea
I want to cheer up
Fly home with your chin up

That a girl butterfly
There's so much to do
before you die

Don't waste time crying
then going out and lying
throw your cares to the wind
and dive in

Yes, yes
It's the absolute best
to  live your life
with zest
to ride the waves
at the crest

Well you sound enthusiastic
yes I would say zest
we just do our best.

I know you've gotten by
on less
but I love you

It's been a long time since
I've heard that
with tears in her eye
A long time
since I've been there
I mean
there and everywhere (The Beatles)

Flutter flutter
Words to utter
words and afterwards
wards of the soul

The butterly's soul is old,
is old
with a pretty heart of gold
the word is out
the story's told
butterflies to love and hold,
gently before they go...

Photo courtesy of sattva